About Us

What makes us different?


  • ​Nikobins are skip bins on wheels.
  • YOU have absolute control of when you will have the bin.
  • YOU have absolute control of where you want to put the bin.
  • YOU have absolute control of how many times you fill it up and empty it. WITH NO EXTRA COSTS.
  • Nikobins have lockable lids that stop others from filling your bin
  • Nikobins fit in your garage and underground car parks.
  • If your car can drive around your house, our bin will follow.
  • Nikobins are gentle on driveways and nature strips.
  • Nikobins can hold up to 1 TONNE of rubbish
  • If you are a tradesman, you can drive it from one site to the next with ease.
  • Offering ease and a more practical option for events or parties.

In simple terms:

1 tonne YES 1 tonne SOME YES
mobile YES mobile NO
yard friendly YES yard friendly NO
lockable YES lockable NO

Hiring a Nikobin trailer you are assured that our trailers can carry the same as​

 24 Wheelie Bins      9 Box Trailers

Contact us now and hire a 1 ton mobile skip bin that will change your way to see the rubbish removal industry. Our Skip bins are a lot more practical and cost effective than any other rubbish removal service in the market.

  • Width 200cm x Length 220cm x High 120cm – 150cm
  • 2000kg GVM
  • 4m3
  • Lockable Lid
  • Manual Winch

How does it work?

Its simple, just give us a call today to make a booking!
You can visit us with your car, which must have a tow bar, and we will provide you with electrical connections to suit your car’s make and model. Then all you need to do is take away the trailer and return it back to us, empty, on the day that YOU decide.