Skip bin hire made easy

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Nikobins?

Simply, Nikobins is a hiring company that provides you with a skip bin on a trailer. This allows you be more in control of your rubbish. Why prepay for 1000kg when your only throwing away 500kg? these bins allows you to relocate, take it with you to other job sites and to the disposal sites as many times as you want with no extra cost.

​Why are Nikobins better than traditional skip bins?

Only our bins can do this.

​What Are the Dimensions of the Nikobins?

The dimensions and sizes of our bins and trailers can be found on our about us page.

​Do I have to take the rubbish to the tip myself?

Yes. Our price is for your to collect an empty bin and for you to return the bin empty again on the prearranged date. This is the best part and what saves you money. You are able to take your rental bin as many times as you can to the tip with no extra charges from Nikobins.

​How much does it cost to hire a skip bin?

It depends on how many days you require the skip bin for. We highly recommend to cut down on your cost to pile all rubbish until you know your ready to fill up a skip.
Please view the rate pages for further info.

How long can I keep the skip bin?

Aslong as you need it for.

​What if I’m not finished with the skip bin by returning day?

If you have not finished with the skip bin, please advise your local Nikobins store that provided you the trailer skip bin, if it has not been assigned to another job, we will try to accommodate you, but please note that extra-day fees will be charged.

​How can I pay for the skip bin?

We accept payment by Visa and Mastercard, over the counter. If you wish to pay by cash please feel free to do so at the counter. Please keep in mind that all payments will be made before pickup.

How much weight can I put in the skip bin?

Each trailer is rated up to 1000kg. We try to advise customers Not to exceed that limit. Emptying the trailer every time will only cost you your time and your weight at the tip.

​How high can I fill the skip bin?

You can go as high as long as the lids fully close.

​What do I do with hazardous chemicals?

You cannot put any hazardous waste into the skip bins. To dispose these you need to contact your local council. Hazardous chemicals include Solvents, Paints, Acids, Laboratory Waste, Oils, Grease traps etc. See our page for Accepted Waste Types.
Please call your local disposal site to confirm what wastes they will or won’t accept.

​Will a Nikobin be able to get up my driveway?

If you can get a car up your driveway, then we can almost always get one of our skip bins into the space. Occasionally gates are too narrow for us to enter. Your gates need to be 2.4m wide for us to comfortably get our skip bin into place. Also note, however, that Nikobins skip bins are road-registered trailers and can therefore be parked on the street as any trailer can.

​Do you service business and commercial customers?

We service many businesses and commercial customers.

​Can I get a skip bin picked up on Sunday?

Yes you can. But we do advise to call us first incase there is no trailers available. We want to save you a trip.

​Can I hire a year round bin from Nikobins?

At the moment this is not a service that we are able to offer. We intend to offer this service in the future.

How much notice do I need to give when ordering my skip?

24 hours notice will be a safe time.
Also note that at times – particularly on weekends – our skips bins can be completely booked out. For weekend bookings, please try to book by the Wednesday before the weekend.

​Where can I hire a Nikobin from?

At the moment we are at 2 locations that you can find in our conctact page. We currently working on being in more locations for your own convenience.